Friday, June 16, 2006

Guns save lives!

Thank you Shelley for giving me to spread the Word of our Lord and Savior some more... click here to read about the good that guns do.


Blogger 925blog said...

Killing a 15 year old child is not proper use of a gun. Anyone who thinks the kid deserved to die because if this is a moron. There are other ways to handle problems in life, but idiots are unable to understand that.

1:52 pm  
Anonymous Tom Smith said...

Just a quick thing about this paragraph:

"Godless Liberals like to talk about accidental deaths caused by guns too, in which case I ask them: “Are you denying God?” I ask this, because if they are trying to maintain that people can be killed accidentally by flying bullets, they are denying the omnipotent power of Our Lord who decides all things. And that’s not just nonsense, it’s blasphemy! (See you in hell blasphemers! On second thoughts, no I won’t because I worship God and will go to heaven. I’ll send you a postcard though, just in case your eyes haven’t been torn out!)"

If things dont happen by accident and are all predetermined by God, surely that goes completely against the Christian idea of free will? Correct me if I'm wrong like... but what you've written there is a load of balls, by your own christain beliefs.

1:02 am  
Anonymous Richard 23 said...

Sinners! God gives us the gun. That's why liberals hate firearms, the NRA and the second amendment.

12:32 pm  
Anonymous just a guy said...

wow. christians for guns?
that's really pathetic.

one of the main peaceful religions ( in theory anyway) that teaches love shall overcome advocating weapons on destruction. "God loves guns"?
1. That you think you know the mind of God is a sin. 2. may God forgive you for your wayward interpretation of His love.

If even Christians advocate this way of thinking, the devil has won my brothers.

You have a choice :Love ( God's way) or Fear ( the devils way) .

guns are for the fearful.

3:05 pm  

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