Friday, June 30, 2006

Vice is not nice

Click the link to read about foul unholy porn people,


Anonymous Richard 23 said...

I read your post about this shameful organization over at Shelley's website. I hope you read my comment over there about how the site is a front for hardcore pornography!

Keep up the great work!

2:23 pm  
Blogger Samuel Luke Johnston said...

I did! Thank you Richard and God Bless you! I was disgusted, to read your allegations. Those Liberals are so shameful.

5:57 pm  
Anonymous Richard 23 said...

Research material: A sinful website that offers "Intimacy Products for Married Couples."

Book 22, named for the twenty second book of the bible: The Song of Solomon?

Turbo jelly egg, body butter, vibrating leather panties, crotchless panties? I can bear no more.

How is this even remotely Christian? For shame! It's like, but worse.

Yours in Christ, R23.

3:05 pm  
Blogger Samuel Luke Johnston said...

How dreadful! Thank you Richard... what a man of God you are!

by coincidence I was planning to write a piece asking that the dreadful song of solomon be cut from the Good Book.

4:13 pm  
Anonymous Richard 23 said...

Hahaha! I laugh because it's so true.

I'm glad God led me to I was trying to visit Fox News and I sneezed while typing the url. When I pressed enter, I found myself at

The baby Jesus works in mysterious ways. I'll do what I can to smack down the moonbats, spoofers like Aurain, foreigners and RINOs that infest the comment threads.

I want as many as possible to know the true Republican message. We will win!

4:29 pm  

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