Thursday, July 13, 2006

Old people: The Christian Solution To Their Problems

The Republican party is the party fo ideas and solutions. When we see a problem, we don't just moan about it like Liberals. We think of how to overcome it.

Read the latest thoughts of the STR team on one of the biggest problems engulfing our great nation by clicking on the link.


Anonymous Richard 23 said...

"The Republican party is the party _fo_ ideas and solutions."

I hope this isn't a sign that you're listening to evil "hip hop."

12:30 pm  
Anonymous A Concerned Christian said...

This is extremely un-Christian of you, sir. The Bible tells us to practice kindness, charity, love, benevolence, etc. towards those who need help. Jesus has taught us all of this, yet you call for letting the poor and the old and the weak die in the streets and you call yourself a Christian! 1st Timothy 5:1 and 1st Peter 5:5 both teaches us specifically to respect our elderly and care for them. Do you believe that the Israelites wandering the deserts should have disposed of Moses once his eyes were blind and became old? Should the prophets Samuel, Isaiah, and Ezekiel have been made to starve to death once their age became great?

11:20 pm  
Anonymous ikke_me_ich_moi said...

ahum, is there going to come an original post on this crapsite?

5:47 am  
Anonymous ikke_me_ich_moi said...

i'm sure if you'll tell them anything, it's going to be comedy to them;-)

jesus was a republican, huh;-)
jesus liked colt above kalashnikov!

5:52 am  

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