Friday, November 25, 2005

Further to my last post...

A friend and fellow believer in Scotland (a part of England in the far north of that country) tells me that he came across this Jordison on the BBC there yesterday, extolling the virtues of the Chruch of Satan and something called Death Metal... small surprise that the BBC is gettting in on this blasphemy act. I hear that they once put on a play with Our Lord Jesus in it saying that he was "a bit gay." Disgusting! As usual, right thinking people are left despairing...

I haven't heard the programme - and don't intend to, but any information about it would be much appreciated.

Monday, November 21, 2005

End this blasphemy

A few weeks ago I ordered Sam Jordison: 'The Joy Of Sects' online expecting it to denounce false and dangerous faiths. Then through trawling weblogs (I shan't advertise the URL here) I was horrified to learn that it is full of Christian Groups such as The Jesus Army and Christian Voice. This emotion rapidly turned to righteous rage when I actually received my copy and read it. How any self-respecting publishing house could stoop so low as to print this foul book, so insulting to Our Lord, I do not know. I do know that I am determined to stop it - and it's author - before it gets any further. Luckily I heard of it as soon as it was released. There is still time to cast it into oblivion before its stain spreads.

This pro-gay, anti-God, blashphemous book contains foul language and pornographic images that I won't be replicating here. It maligns the name of Our Lord, using it in numerous tasteless jokes, suggesting he is not the Son Of God and even questioning his existence. It gives a false history of The Bible, describing the Christian theological system as "a confusing mess" and cunningly trying to create the impression that the gospels were written by others than the holy saints Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. It extracts passages from the Bible, out of context and describes them as "nasty".
The list of its iniquities goes on and on, but I don't want to give them the oxygen of further publicity --- the only further oxygen my copy shall be getting will be in the flames of justice.

I urge all good Christians reading this to join my task.

What you can do:

Make the author regret his tasteless, hurtful and foul calumnies about Lord Jesus.

Write to, or phone, as many newspapers as you can.
A directory of UK newspaper addresses can be found here.

Burn the book! Give the author a taste of the hellfire that awaits. And by emptying out the bookshops, you will be preventing innocents getting hold of its lies.

Take affirmative action in all ways you can. I invite suggestions here.

Here is an image of the author I found on the Guardian Wesbite, where, horrifyingly, he urges people to read 'The Satanic Bible' while describing the true Holy Bible as "crazy."