Friday, August 11, 2006

I have fought the Evil One

For yay! Into the desert and wastland did I go and sorely did the dark lord try to tempt me, but stoutly did I fight unto him! His minions did he send, but them I did repel. "Out! Out! Out!" criethed I, beating upon them with a stick and casting upon them my faithful dog. No food did I take for 10 days in homage to the great Christian St Antony and hard was my suffering, but return do I more convinced than ever of that power which is our Lord God and the Truth of everything He telleth in His book which is the Bible. And hateth he lust and women and the sin of sodomising men. The male member is an affront unto Him and I think of it not any longer!

God! God! God is love!

Thank you for sending unto us your son Jesus.

I shall smite for you! Your enemies will quaketh before my powerful weapons! behold Democ-rats for Lo! Your time is numbered and when those days are up and Our Lord God who is Jesus, His one and only son returns, sore will you be wroth for what you have reapeth!

Thank you Lord.

I bow before you!

And all men who do not will be as like wheat beneath the combine harvester!


P.S. For you liberal sinners who doubteth me, can ye deny the photographic evidence I do present? Look at this Devil Imp servant of the dark lord. And how it smoketh upon drugs even as it eyes me and tries to lead me from the path of righteousness.

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!